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Hey, na kurs języka angielskiego w Lingo Space uczęszczam już od marca, to była moja pierwsza szkoła językowa za granicą. Już w Polsce uczęszczałem na kilka kursów angielskiego, więc teraz mam porównanie.

Muszę stwierdzić, że jak dotąd to była najlepsza szkoła językowa. Grupy 3-4 osobowe. Harmonogram dopasowany do słuchaczy. Fajny sposób nauczania dostosowany do możliwości. Duży nacisk na słownictwo oraz poprawną wymowę. Możliwość popełniania błędów, które zaraz są poprawiane. Dla osób chcących, w szczególności, poprawić swoją komunikację. Polecam!



Joanna is a reliable and kind teacher. Her lesson is always fun and easy to understand for me. I realize I became able to speak English better than before. I'm always impatient for her lesson!



Joanna is a very enthusiastic and kind teacher, and she is always well-prepared. I truly recommend her to everyone who wants to learn English.



Is it worthy to have Joanna as your English teacher?
Definitely yes.
She puts her heart and soul in the lessons and always looks at your needs.

One year ago I was looking for an English teacher because I wanted to refresh my not used for a long time English. Then, on one of the websites with advertisements I’ve found Joanna. There were many other teachers but I decided to choose her because of the picture :-)
I like active  people with passions and in the picture she was climbing some climbing wall. I thought -hmmm- that could be an interesting offer. 
My intuition didn’t disappoint me.
Joanna is an open-minded person with a lot of passions and her biggest passion is teaching English (and studying human brain). During the English lessons she always looks at your needs. Her lessons aren’t just common lessons with learning boring grammar and not needed words but she finds the topics which are the most interesting for you and she knows very well that it will be valuable.
She always pays attention to what should be improved and she knows what to do to improve this.
What is the minus of the lessons with Joanna?
She really wants to teach you English and she works so hard to achieve her goal that when she gives you homework and you are not so willing to do it it is hard to refuse.
As a last sentence I can write that she is not only a great teacher but also a fantastic, intelligent and very interesting person. 



The first lesson with Joanna was very well structured with different short exercises. Very professional, I'm looking forward to the other lessons!



I have known Joanna for 6 years. In 2011 Joanna was hired by a leading Polish telecommunication company, that I work for, to help some of its engineers to improve their English language skills (both business and conversational). Joanna was teaching several groups of people on different levels. For nearly five years she established herself as a very conscientious and efficacious English teacher. Joanna was able to adapt to our needs, expectations and capabilities in a very efficient and compelling way. Consequently, we made a rapid progress in a short period of time. She was applying a wide range of different teaching techniques in order to fulfill the learning program really productively. Joanna, in parallel with her professionalism, turned out to be a very affable and considerate person. I would happily continue learning English with her in future if I have such a possibility.



Joanna is very professional and well organised.



My son is enjoying classes with Joanna. She is punctual and professional. First impression is positive. I am very happy that I found her.



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