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Professional English Language Coach

Ready to supercharge your English skills?

Join the Lingo Space community, where English ceases to be a challenge and becomes a tool for communicating with the world.


Why is it worth choosing Lingo Space?


  • Dynamic and interactive classes

Forget about boring textbooks and monotonous repetition of vocabulary! At Lingo Space I focus on active and engaged lessons that will make learning English a real pleasure. 


  • Flexible schedules 

I realize that you have many other responsibilities. That's why I offer a wide range of class dates that you can fit into your schedule. 


Don't wait! Take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply for English lessons at Lingo Space today!

Trial English Class

 My 90-minute trial lesson is a gateway to an exciting language adventure, packed with incredible benefits:

  • Discover your English level 

Get a precise assessment of your current English level, so we can tailor the perfect learning journey for you.

  • Dive into engaging activities 

​​Immerse yourself in a wide range of captivating activities that match your unique needs, goals, and interests. From stimulating discussions to interactive games, there's never a dull moment!

  • Get sample learning materials 

Take home valuable learning resources that will continue to boost your English proficiency long after the trial lesson.


When can you join the fun?

It's as simple as booking an appointment that suits your schedule.

Guided Learning with Lingo Space Den Haag Scheveningen The Netherlands
Blended teaching styles, methods, and tools

Methods and Tools

I blend many teaching styles depending on a situation and apply psychological techniques to discover the best approach to each individual student.


My teaching methods are based on the idea how the human brain works and how we learn most effectively.


I use a variety of tools like games, relaxation techniques, music, and role-plays.

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