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Current Courses

  • English courses (A0 - C1) and Dutch courses (A0 - B1)

  • Individual classes (online)

  • Duet classes (online)

General English

Practising all skills and aspects of the English language allows you to function successfully in any circumstances, e.g. vacation, business trip, job interview, working in multinational team, studying at university, shopping or browsing the Internet. You will gain a range of skills and knowledge necessary to deal with any situation from understanding a menu in a restaurant to writing a blog on an adventure, from achieving success in your career to building and improving relationships. You will be able not only to communicate easily but also impress your boss, family and friends.

Conversation Class

Speaking is not only about language skills but it also requires openness to new people and experiences as well as courage and decisiveness. We will help you with all these aspects and welcome you with a friendly atmosphere in a group up to six people. You will learn how to talk in pairs, groups, perform public speaking, interview people as well as to be interviewed, tell jokes and have a positive influence on people you meet in any circumstances and environments.

Exam Preparation- CAE/ IELTS/ TOEFL

These certificates are very useful if you want to work or study abroad. Our courses help you prepare to Academic and General exams. During the course you will receive sample exam papers as well as any other necessary resources to make you well-prepared and confident.

English for Specific Purposes

This range of courses aims mainly at students and professionals but it is also useful for those who want to start their careers or apply to university. English for Specific Purposes encompasses such areas of English as Business, Medicine, Logistics, Management, Hotel Business, Food & Health, Marketing and more. The courses differ not only in terms of subjects but also depend on your background, i.e. whether you need to learn terminology, interview skills, presentation skills, public speaking, reading complex manuals or corresponding at work.

Wordsmith Workshop - improve your writing skills and creativity

Writing is an expression of our thoughts and emotions as well as a representation of our self. The texts we create very often shape our future and can lead to good grades at school or university, profitable business relations or even awards and fame for a successful story or poem.
We provide help at all stages of the writing process:
1. Preparation.
2. Drafting.
3. Writing.
4. Revising.
5. Proofreading.

British and American Culture and Literature, Minority Literatures

Literature in English language is a very broad term. The biggest number of popular English language texts comes from the USA and the UK, however, there are many other places where English is spoken as a native language and interesting texts are produced.
You can learn with us the following subjects:
1. American literature (including native American literature).
2. British literature (including Welsh and Scottish literature).
3. Selected areas of literature in English from Canada, Australia, India and South Africa.

English Linguistics - all branches and levels for all age groups

Linguistics is fun and useful for students as well as professionals, schoolchildren and anyone who is interested in languages. Linguistics can be a real eye-opener and a hobby for life.
The branches of linguistics we teach include:
1. Translation theory.
2. Pragmatics.
3. Dialectology.
4. Morphology.
5. Phonetics.
6. Syntactics/grammar.
7. Psycholinguistics.
8. Historical linguistics.
9. Geographical linguistics.
10. Sociolinguistics.

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